Will Clarke

My CV… in pure Ruby


Apparently I sometimes try to be funny….

I thought it would be a good idea to try to port my CV to Ruby.

This is what happened:

class WilliamClarke
  attr_accessor :notableProjects, :education, :interests, :employment

  def initialize
    @home = 'London'
    @phone = '07771745046'
    @website = 'wmmclarke.com'
    @blog = 'wmmc.github.io'
    @github = 'github.com/wmmc'

  def super_enthusiastic?

  def summary
    "I really enjoy programming.
    Over the last 2 years, I have spent most of my free time focusing on Ruby.
    I also have experience with web development & SQL.
    I am eager to learn much more about software development."

my = WilliamClarke.new

class Project
  def initialize(args)
    args.each { |key, value| instance_variable_set("@#{key}", value) }

my.notableProjects = [
    title:   'PPC Campaign Builder',
    summary: 'Ruby script which generates Adwords-formatted PPC Campaigns.'),
    title:   'Website & Blog',
    summary: %w(HTML CSS JS jQuery Rails ActionMailer Jekyll)),
    title:   'Twitter Bot',
    summary: 'Smug tweets to people who can’t spell. Hosted on Heroku.'),
    title:   'Other projects',
    summary: 'Crossword Generator, Shakespeare Prediction, Langton’s Ant')

Employment = Struct.new(:name, :title, :date, :role, :achievements, :skills)

my.employment = Employment.new(
  'Forward3D',         # name
  'PPC Analyst',       # title
  '2012-08 - 2014-08', # date
  # role
  ['Managed the paid search activity for two e-commerce clients.',
   'Automated many processes using Ruby, Javascript and Hive.'],
  # achievements
  ['Wrote a script to generate PPC campaigns, saving hundreds of man-hours.',
   'Automated most of my reporting duties.',
   'Update ads automatically based on product prices & stock levels'],
  # skills
  ['Ruby, Javascript & Hive used on a daily basis.',
   'Built, updated and queried Databases using HiveQL and SQL.']

my.education = {
  durhamUniversity: [
    'MSc Evolutionary Anthropology',
    'BA  Archaeology & Anthropology'],

  etonCollege: { aLevels: [
    ['A', 'Ancient History'],
    ['A', 'Biology'],
    ['B', 'English Literature']

my.interests = [
  ['Programming', 'Ruby, Javascript, SQL & Web Development. Active on Github'],
  ['Sport', 'I enjoy playing squash, tennis, skiing and diving.'],
  ['Also', %w(Travelling woodworking Choral Music Go Piano Investing)]

# To print out to console:
require 'pp'
pp my

It actually works.. and spits out the data in an even more incomprehensible way.


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