Will Clarke

Create a Free Twitter Bot - hosted on Heroku


I decided to make a Twitter Bot hosted on Heroku. And I managed to do it really easily. Surprisingly. The source code for this is on Github.

Here are the basic steps I took:

1. Think of something funny / useful for your bot to do.

2. Register a new Twitter Account

3. Create a new Twitter ‘app’ - go to http://dev.twitter.com/apps

4. Enable Read / Write Permissions for this App

5. Write some code which interacts with the Twitter API.

6. Create a Gemfile / Rakefile for Heroku to latch onto.

7. Check you can do what you want from the command line.

8. Create a new Heroku App.

9. Push your current files to Heroku.

10. Add Heroku Scheduler to your Heroku app

11. Add your Environmental Variables to Heroku.

You should be ready to take Twitter by storm now!


ruby heroku