Will Clarke

Defaults are good. Try them out!


Most defaults have been carefully thought out. It’s worth at least looking over them before deciding that they’re useless & old-fashioned.

While it’s true that many defaults are the result of some old-fashioned constraints (eg. QWERTY keyboard or the vim homerow being one key to the left), it may be worth your time just accepting their flawed premises and trying to use them anyway. There’s value if people are also using them.

If your vim config is totally unique to you (or you’re a dvorak user), you’ll have a hard time pairing with someone else or SSH-ing into a server.

The creators of customisable products have hopefully thought long and hard about the best way to use their creations. They’ll be far more invested in making it work well than you will and they’ll have a vision of how they want their products being used.

Sometimes it’s sensible to just accept defaults.


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