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AI is gonna change everything. Obviously


OpenAI have created a model that produces text. Given some input text, it will create some intelligent guesses about subsequent text.

It’s easy to sign up to have access and play around (link here).

This is only going to get exponentially better. Soon it’ll be way better than any humans so we’ll all be out of a job.. but at least we’l have some amazing books to read during our post-scarcity utopian lives.

I was mucking around with it and tried to see if it could generate any new blog posts for me. Here are the ones it suggested:

# How to convert a String to a number in JavaScript
If you’re working with some weird form of string, sometimes the way it is formatted won’t be what you expect. Here are three ways to convert a string to an actual number in javascript. js

# Feel conflicted about something? Take some time off!
Don’t feel like you need to ‘power through’ your feelings of conflict or confusion. Just take the time you need and move on when you feel ready. life

# What a Diff is
I was recently asked by someone what exactly a “diff” was. Here’s my answer! computing maths

# OMG! How to make an app store?
So, you want to make an app store! Cool. But how do you actually go about doing it? tech dev

# Have a backup plan
When something goes wrong, the best thing is often just to have a plan B. That way if things go awry, you’ve got a backup idea up your sleeve. business marketing sales strategy work worklife balance

Which is exactly the sort of nonsense I’d talk about.

Some more title suggestions:

A fun editor
Trying out Ruby
The Evils of the Global Inheritance
Permissions By Group
export a variable in bash
Docker: List Containers

My favourite is The Evils of the Global Inheritance


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