Will Clarke

The Chronoportal


The Chronoportal experiments had failed before. They had all imploded in large explosions, far more violent than predicted, which had left the theoretical physicists scratching their head. JUPITER’s Nanotechnology and Quantum Research Arm were now testing the most up-to-date iteration.

They had made this version out of a reinforced self-hardening tungsten alloy.

Sam programmed the boot sequence. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Sam was suddenly vaporised. Every living creature within a 25-mile radius died.

The radiation-resistant robots that inspected the site after the tragedy discovered strange remains. At the centre of the catastrophe, the rescue droids found fragments of distinct structures.

They unearthed a metal frame made of an alloy that scientists were able to identify but had no idea how to synthesise. Other organic lattices and bizarre crystaline structures were also found on the site. The metal structure was almost completely destroyed while the strange lattices and crystals were less harmed.

The portal was now certainly broken. But in another timeline, it may have worked. Time may have passed. Cultures may have risen and fallen. Technology may have improved. At various times, people may have wanted to change their past. Or they may have wanted to keep their past. Wars may have raged over their most important resource; time & access to the past.