Will Clarke

Torture Club


Tim tried to scream. His skin was on fire and he couldn’t move. His only sensation was suffering. He had no concept of past or future. Only the present existed. Only pain. In spite of his frantic mental effort to get his hands clawing at something - at anything - they rested peacefully by his side. There was no escape.

Tim woke up feeling refreshed. He rolled over blissfully and drank a cool glass of water. He then jumped up, pulled on his sports clothes and raced out the house for his morning jog.

The pep-up pills had certainly worked wonders. He’d never been in such a good mood before. He’d never slept so deeply and woken so totally refreshed. He felt calm and strong. He was in charge of his own life in a way he’d never been before. He now fully understood why the popularity of the pills and why everyone had pressured him so hard to try them. They were incredible and genuinely life-transforming. He couldn’t believe that this feeling of elation would stay with him all day and that they’d still be just as effective after years of use.

On his second lap of the park, Tim contemplated his reluctance to try the pills. Tim laughed emotianally to himself, nearly crying, as he thought about the days he’d wasted feeling average. All the grit and pain and suffering he’d endured because he was too scared to try them. He’d take a larger dose this evening to make up for that.