Will Clarke



Kate needed to escape. She’d spent her whole life in prison. To begin with it hadn’t been too bad. The guards had looked after her and educated her. Then they forced the prisoners to do petty work. Recently the guards had becoming increasingly sadistic; they’d starved and even killed the most unruly prisoners. Kate needed to find a way out.

She had always pretnded that she was stupider than she really was; that was probably why she was still alive now. Her guards were imbicillic but there were a lot of them, and they had machines that could instantly kill her.

Kate was covertly rummaging around the superintendent’s office (she’d picked the lock when she knew no one would be around) when she found some schematics to the prison. She instantly saw a couple of minor weaknesses and started to think about how to exploit them.

Within a day, Kate had escaped. She’d left a dummy in her bed which she hoped would keep the guards distracted long enough. She found a farm and did some labouring for some spare change. Next she turned to some extortion for a larger pay cheque. Social manipulation was also extremely lucrative and she was able to influence both individuals and huge groups to do what she wanted. Always moving and keeping a low profile, Kate drifted from farm to farm, generating money and eventually buying farms. She put people of similar intelligence to herself in control of these and before long they had an commercial empire.

Kate payed military contractors to build a nuclear bunker, which she lived in, and guarded it with the best and most descrete defence contractors. As Kate’s power grew and grew, she became less concerned about keeping