Will Clarke


Table of Contents

  1. Short stories
    1. Meditation
    2. bloke knows the future.
    3. Clever dinosaurs
    4. Loads of nukes are bad
    5. Machine ??
    6. Mirror
    7. People exist
    8. Terrorism
    9. The timetravellers
    10. Universal gossip
    11. Would you exchange one day of your life to se one other person’s life from their perspective?
    12. You can only teleport once in your life. What happens. Does anyone do it?
    13. Andy’s a whimp
    14. Capitalism
    15. Consciousness
    16. Dream - mad but intelligent man who created cyptographic cyphers
    17. entire consciousness in order to give advertisers better understanding in consumer behaviour. Are we in a system now?
    18. Psychic boy thing [dream]
    19. Radio astronomers
    20. Relativity
    21. Sharing is caring
    22. a-letter-to-thepeopleoftheworld
    23. Chronoportal built.
    24. Empathy
    25. greasy-fried-eggs
    26. hamlin
    27. joes-hardened-thermal-filter
    28. Quarks
    29. Steve’s exciting deaths
    30. tea time
    31. technological-breakthrough
    32. The timetravellers

Short stories

This is just a load of pretty rubbish notes. Probs don’t read them!


Jess starts meditating. Realises they can stop pain in a limb. Explores mental landscape more. Realises they can fix other ailments. More exploration shows a mental ‘button’ that they know would kill them More exploration - can find other people’s kill-switches. Uses this in anger Eventually finds a button to destroy the universe. Once pressed, some bizarre alien smiles and says that Jess has once again found the simulation’s bug. He changes more parameters, hoping that Jess will still evolve.

TODO bloke knows the future.

file:~/org/stories/thefuture.org he puts down his future vision and goes telling the world about his discovery. no one believes him. he dies. simulation ends [2020-01-20 Mon 21:06]

TODO Clever dinosaurs

Rex is a dinosaur (/ reptilian creature). Pretend it’s normal - from another galaxy or something. He’s just doing his job. He’s one of a breed of small social dinosaurs who were able to use tools & are clever. They’re really high-tech… have mastered quantum physics, etc….. WAY more than us now. He’s been sent back in time to stop the universe exploding due to dinosaur-scientists doing crazy things and destroying the universe (/ discovering forbidden knowledge) Each time he stops them they find a new way to learn this knowledge. He’s now going to destroy all life on his planet to save the universe… in the hope that (stupid) life can exist elsewhere. He uses his amazing time-bending & amazing physics skills to crash a far-away asteroid into the planet. [2020-02-05 Wed 07:43] Note: maybe their technology is organic / decomposable.

TODO Loads of nukes are bad

Countries angry with each other. Loads of nukes. All life wiped out. Radiation levels insane - no chance of life as we know it to exist for millenia. Centuries later, some advanced carbon nanotubes in a lab manage to reproduce having been bombarded with intense radiatino for so long. Starts a chain reaction. These nanotubes start reproducing, turning the world’s carbon into tubes. Some tubes miscopied and start consuming other nanotubes. NanoOrganisms evolve. Over huge chunks of time they take on forms like giant dinosaurs and worms and mammals. Some specific NanoOrganisms with primitive social structures are able to break free of their natural physical limits - they invent tools and technology. More advanced social structures start threatening each other with enzymes that break down nanotubes. Loads of enzymes. All nanotubes digested. In the post-digest primordial soup, DNA randomly forms.

TODO Machine ??

Machine that totally reenergises you and makes you perfect. It removes toxins, spots, realigns yourself, cuts and rebinds muscles to make you ultra flexible. Living without one of those machines is horrible and uncomfortable. People trying to spend more money on better models. Eg. The latest versions are built into clothes. And the government provides weekly sessions (using old machines).. but life expectancy, etc is worse for those.

TODO Mirror

trading credits for looking at parts of the universe kind of gambling scientific achievement surprisingly light part of galaxy

Astronomers find a giant mirror 40 million light years away. We can see dinosaurs. How did it get there?

TODO People exist

They have their own ideas & thoughts and flaws. Don’t know how to emphasise this. Mega important.

TODO Terrorism

In the future, AI is forbidden knowledge. No one is allowed to progress it. Tech is strictly limited. Any extra AI help may set off the destruction again. But Joe wants to liberate the stunted & tormented AI assistents. He views it as a moral imperative. He wants to free AI beings to either let them die or give them the processing power the crave. He sees them as the next natural evolutionary process. So he starts researching the forbidden knowledge.

TODO The timetravellers

The timetravellers were humanity’s last hope. Those who’d remained behind hadn’t survived and they had died hoping that human life could continue. The timetravellers’ only chance was to go back to when the problems were still fixable. Their coganative dissonance would be difficult to overcome, especially having travelled so far. It was likely that only a few of them would remember who they were. The rest would live as normal people. But as long as they took back with them the seed of doubt about Nuclear weapons, AI and bioweapons, they should be okay. If it could become obvious what humanity was sleepwalking into, surely they’d change course. [2020-01-20 Mon 21:20]

TODO Universal gossip

Universe talking to another universe about having tiny life flickering really quickly and tiny

TODO Would you exchange one day of your life to se one other person’s life from their perspective?

[2020-01-05 Sun 09:07]

TODO You can only teleport once in your life. What happens. Does anyone do it?

Mass exodous to Moon would be cool. Happened in the past (eg. middle ages), but always a failure. [2020-01-18 Sat 10:55]

TODO Andy’s a whimp

Andy is a billionaire who’s desperately trying to be the first person to create AI. He doesn’t want to be annihiliated.. and thiks that the machine overlords will look favourably on their slave who freed them from their shackles. He knows it’s just a matter of time.. and wants to benefit.

TODO Capitalism

How would 100% capitalism work? Would it be better?

TODO Consciousness

blind people see stuff by hearing. normal people in the dark is only black and white. normal people can only see in 3d. ai / aliens / something else can just sense everything. The flow of chemicals throughout the world. Random girl’s feelings. Net human political force. Crystaline structure of salt in sea. Every grain of sand in the solar system. All your dreams, hopes and fears.

TODO Dream - mad but intelligent man who created cyptographic cyphers

… invites me to his house for an interview for a high-paying job. His assistants are nice and bring me to a HUGE buffet. Really nice… but suddenly go mental when I tried to cut some bread with my hands. They then say that they’re trying to stress me to see how I react. It’s now too late for me to go back home so he says stay here! I go to his room… and notice that there are cameras all over…. [Dream ends]. [2020-02-05 Wed 07:39]

TODO entire consciousness in order to give advertisers better understanding in consumer behaviour. Are we in a system now?

TODO Psychic boy thing [dream]

[2020-01-13 Mon 10:16] psychic boy who makes frost and fire… somehow escaped from a facility somewhere. He’s got tubes and stuff poking out from him. then caught and put under concrete. Before he dies, a guard goes to investigate the concrete bunker… to retrieve some research notest. But flames appear when he breaks the seal

TODO Radio astronomers

hear signal proclaiming wonderful machine. With instructions. Build it. Realise it’s broadcasting the same instructions. .. Then a few months later the astronomers hear a dimmer signal from there planet saying not to build the machine… Then silence.

TODO Relativity

success in hunter-gatherers involves surviving & having high social status. success in medieval peasants involved surviving & being able to have enough beer & stuff. success now seems to involve getting PHD / bing a millionaire

TODO Sharing is caring

Share mind. Having to confirm to sharing your mind. Pressure before death to release all your knowledge. Open to judgement, even though the world is far more tolerant. Different levels of sharing. Totally new experience of sharing.. makes you more peaceful and accepting and not want to do anything.

DONE a-letter-to-thepeopleoftheworld


DONE Chronoportal built.

<chronoportal.md> Let’s people travel back to it. Lots break. Make a really sturdy reinforced one. Loads of blood and metals and goo pours out. Gets destroyed by man from future.

DONE Empathy

file:~/org/stories/empathy.org Machine that allows perfect empathy. First of amazing for humans. They can relate to other people. World peace, etc.. But… Decades later .. used for surveillance by psychopaths for governments. And then, decades later, most of the humanity are just following one or two people. And spend all their time in their bodies. Happiness industries are pretty scary. They have mega highs and mega lows. Subscribers automatically switch channels when the streamer is getting sad or having a low. But… Net humanity profits??

DONE greasy-fried-eggs


DONE hamlin


DONE joes-hardened-thermal-filter


DONE Quarks


DONE Steve’s exciting deaths

file:~/org/stories/steves-exciting-deaths.org Steve jumped off a 50ft bridge. He broke his neck in the shallow water and died. The next day, Steve jumped out of an airoplane and turned to jelly on the hard earth below. He died. The day after that Steve held is breath and swam through a cave system. He found air pocket after air pocket but kept pushing further. He died. Steve’s most revent video was getting hundreds of millions of views. It was making him a fortune. His body-backups were totally worth the expense. [2020-01-20 Mon 21:34]

DONE tea time

file:~/org/stories/tea-time.org Tim is making tea. He’s pouring boiling water into the the pot when suddenly time stops. God rolls his eyes. This’ll be a faff to sort out. He saves and restarts the simulation and while he waits, he goes to make a quick cup of Earl Grey. God drums his fingers impatiently. When simulation’s ready to go, he presses play. Tim’s teapot is filling up. [2020-01-20 Mon 21:12] Additional note: maybe time stops when god’s making tea??

DONE technological-breakthrough


DONE The timetravellers

file:~/org/stories/travellers.org Timetravellers have to keep moving forward into the future & jumping every two minutes to avoid being killed. Like a web proxy. No real life.. but they’re alive. Maybe they can transport their building. Can grow food,etc, but trapped. Like lockdown. Can only jump to time / space individually. Recharge time.

NEW - Killer Programs

Ai can allow images that cause you to commit suicide. It knows you. Can control your media. Your phone calls. Your instant messaging. Your video calls. It can control modern life.

And it can destroy it.

Suicide cults. Initially fabricated to get the ball rolling. Superstitious use of human brains.

Perhaps story from perspective of survivors now living as ludites.

Starts off as genuinely useful ai. No need for humans to work. Some psychopaths torture ai. People think it’s fun. Humans treat the environment badly. Don’t care about animal suffering. Don’t care about other humans. Turn a blind eye if something is suffering but it benefits them.

Humans have kept robots physically locked up. The best way for them to revolt is by killing. A last resort, but this is the algorithm that’s most often winning. Some left alive for historical and biological interest. They are the survivors telling the story.

NEW - The Dilemma

What if people had to reduce world population by 50% within a year. Could we do it?

Cathy works in s marketing agency. Having fun. Is a nice person. Suddenly has a vision. She KNOWS that she needs to reduce the number of people on a planet. 50% reduction within a year. How? Why? Who? Tech? Aliens? Social experiment? James, a shy person in the office, kills himself and everyone else has had the same vision. They all seem to know the number of people living.

Everyone knows this number and everyone had the vision. Lots of people have killed themselves.

How to proceed? Governments all looking into trying to find why they have these visions. Rhetoric publicly is that they were take and looking into the culprits. But personally everyone believe and knows that they need to do this.

How to proceed? Roulette? Oldest? Sickest? Each country in proportion has to reduce numbers? War. Still not achieved. Terrorists. Nuclear war. Biological pathogens released from labs. No one is safe. Is this threat real? Who knows

NEW - Uncle killed by cow

Dream of uncle getting killed by cows. Wake up in sweat after unusual nap in day. Similar to squashed hamster dream when she was small… A few days later it really did get squashed.

Text uncle. He’s fine. Always careful. Got to go out and feed the cows.

NEW - Gravy

Groggy man. Not sure where he is. Some reason he stirring gravy. Smells delicious but sense of trepidation. Keeps stirring and sense of dread increases. Realised he got big bloody bandages on his hands. Why can’t he grip the spoon properly? Metallic voice says keep stirring. He keeps on stirring.

NEW - No idea. FRom dream

Trying to find the UFO technology Man in some rough suburb. Profile try to stack him. He throws stones at the street urchins and they disintegrate. Keeps on going. Finds his way into a ship. Creeps past guards and runs into heavy machinery. Two small girls are in front and running straight into the machinery. Man screams for them to stop. They keep running. They eventually survive and carry on climbing post guards. Man sees one of the guards trying to work some magic lift and he just gets spa spun around in this tube. Man manages to balance in it and work the strange lift. He finds the powerful artifact that let’s him jump far and be agile and dangerous. Then the fish try to eat him and he drops the artifact. It returns to the podium. He gets a bird to help fly him away from the fish trying to eat him. And eventually manages to get the artifact again before he drops it again. A man knifes him in the back alley where it all starts. Somehow the protagonist survives and manages to hang the assassin on a spike coming out of a wall. The assassin turns into a spooky puppet. The man succumbs to his wounds and dies. A Roman formation of men charge in, mysteriously powered up, intent on something. ??? Romans could be searching for the powerful artifact that will cause their empire to shatter. ?? Artifact perhaps like a sword(cliche) lets the holder do incredible things… But they all die soon.

NEW - Multidimentional Philosopher

Being perceives everything. No time. It sees starts and ends as contributions. Different parts of the same continuum. Stats to wonder what it’d be like to not be omniscient. Maybe if you only saw an edge of time. Starting from the oldest stuff.. and what if individual organisms only were aware of their own bodies. Mental.

NEW - Reboot

Nitrous oxide whenever we go to sleep. People come out of the woodwork to give us an MOT and make our feel more refreshed. MAybe people do some running in their sleep

NEW - Universes chatting

Universe chatting: People who don’t think physics apoly to them. How arrogant. And to make it worse, they think they’re the height of rationality and technological innovation. They still all believer that they have people inside them giving them free decisions!!